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Pizzology restaurant rebranding

Pizzology restaurant branding and rebranding by CODO Design in Indianapolis, Indiana USA

The CODO Design team submitted their work with rebranding the Pizzology brand identity. As the food scene in Indianapolis grows, many longstanding moguls are looking to revamp their concepts. One such example is Neal Brown of Pizzology. Here’s what the CODO Design team said about the approach:

Pizzology, and proprietor Neal Brown, is one of Indy’s local food pioneers. He was sourcing locally, making ingredients in house, and a staunch Slow Food proponent years before it caught on with the larger community. Like many restaurants, he wasn’t properly telling this story, and we’ve been steadily working to position Pizzology as an approachable fine dining experience. And what’s more approachable than pizza and craft beer?

The brand identity is driven by “a beautiful mix of the neighborhood pub, craft pizza, and pizza 101 brand essences.” From the simple, “crafted” feel of the logo design to the straight forward layout of the menus, the Pizzology identity is strong, fresh, and different.

Designed by CODO Design

CODO Design - Pizzology_11 CODO Design - Pizzology_010 CODO Design - Pizzology_09 CODO Design - Pizzology_08 CODO Design - Pizzology_07 CODO Design - Pizzology_06 CODO Design - Pizzology_05 CODO Design - Pizzology_04 CODO Design - Pizzology_03 CODO Design - Pizzology_02 CODO Design - Pizzology_01

Joseph serves as principal and creative director at Vigor, a restaurant and beverage branding and marketing firm, and curator/author/podcaster/host for Grits X Grids.



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