The Continental restaurant branding

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This is the quintessential look of Miami. A melding of art deco past with modern flavor and a splash of latin influence. From the classicly designed logotype through the packaging, menus and advertising, this restaurant and lounge’s brand identity sings. You can help but feel a little warmer, and yearn a little more for South Beach just looking at it.

What’s great about this work is how it captures the retro feel perfectly while creating something fresh in the brandscape. It communicates the vibe of the restaurant setting an expectation for a would be guest. The typography is beautiful and is allowed to be the strongest component, while the background imagery is tropical, warm, and 100% miami

Designed by DeVicq

CM_ad_2 CM_bag CM_bcards CM_coaster CM_email CM_logo CM_menu_1 CM_menu_cover CM_menu_dessert CM_menu_drink_1 CM_menu_drink_2 CM_menu3 CM_postcard

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