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Neighbourhood Eatery & Bar branding

Neighbourhood Eatery & Bar branding

Neighbourhood restaurant and bar branding by Ahoy in London England

This identity jumped out as something quite different. The mix of contrasting patterns in the logo grabs your eye and sparks intrigue. Neighbourhood is a new eatery and late bar in Manchester and Liverpool London. The patterns are expressive of the brand’s experience and vibe. Bright, sporadic, nearly psychedlic in that “ive been out so long I can’t remember what day it is” way. How the patterns are introduced in composition is what really stands out to me. They’re found in the N letterform as a stand alone brand mark. They’re used as backdrops and border treatments for the menu holders. And, finally, they find a home in the interior design elements which brings the whole look together.

Designed by Ahoy

Be sure to checkout Richard Baird’s review at BP&O for more in depth commentary/opinion.

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