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Podcast Ep 24: Mattox Shuler of Fort Foundry

Podcast Ep 24: Mattox Shuler of Fort Foundry

Creative podcast episode 24 with Mattox Shuler of Fort Foundry and Keymaster Games

A lot of non-designers overlook typography and the amazing amount of skill that goes into crafting not just one “font” but an entire family of type. Mattox Shuler of Fort Foundry has found a niche doing just that, and has found another passion as well: board games.

Mattox helped found Keymaster Games, a company who’s kickstarter campaign saw a huge flood of support and financial backing to launch Control. Control is a board game where the “players are time travelers fighting to escape a rupture in spacetime. Each player must tactically refuel his time machine while stopping other players from refueling theirs first.” Seems fantastical!

Enjoy the show and share this for a chance to win a font pack from Fort Foundry!


Fort Foundry

Control – Board Game

Keymaster Games

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