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Puesto 59 restaurant branding

Puesto 59 mexican restaurant branding and package design by Aidan James Agency in Mexico City, Mexico

Fell in love instantly with this restaurant brand identity package. The colors are so rich and vibrant, it’s hard not to love. Puesto 59 is a Mexican food hotspot in Mexico City. It touts offering real Mexican food made fresh with sustainable ingredients. The overarching look is one that’s fresh, with nods to historic elements as seen in the typography.

Simple illustrations allude to fresh ingredients and comprise a lovely pattern reminiscent of old style wallpaper. The direction is rooted in folk art influences. When spread across the touch points with taste it creates a unique, easily identifiable device.

The menu systems have a great start, but it’d be great to see how they play out in reality. In the current mockup there’s too much description and it’s hard to see how well it really works. However, this beginning is a great start.

Designed by Aidan James Agency

Joseph serves as principal and creative director at Vigor, a restaurant and beverage branding and marketing firm, and curator/author/podcaster/host for Grits X Grids.



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