Season 1 / Episode 28: Armin Vit of Under Consideration

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It was such an honor and pleasure to chat with my guest this week. I’ve long admired his and his better-half’s handwork in the form of design thought leadership and commentary. Armin Vit (and Byrony of course) both have brought design criticism and curation to the forefront of design lifestyle. They were, and continue to be, pioneers in the industry where they constantly push the envelope… the well printed, beautiful envelope.

On this episode Armin and I chat about personal hustle from design to curator and design thought leader. How much of it was luck? How much of it was hustle? How much a combination of both? It’s a stellar chat that I hope you enjoy.

Show Notes

Follow Armin & Under Consideration on Instagram and Twitter @UCLLC

Speak Up – First design focused blog (archives)

Brand New

FPO – For Print Only


Art of the Menu


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