A Canteen bakeshop restaurant branding

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Based in Chelmsford, Essex UK, Acanteen is a family-run bakery cafe that creates sustainable baked goods. Their new location (2014) offered the opportunity to do more with their brand. “Acanteen came to iwant in 2014 wanting to scale up their hugely successful cafe/restaurant in Chelmsford, adding a bakery and incorporating a homewares store all under one big roof. They wanted us to create a more grown-up and flexible identity that reflected the ambitions of their growing business.” (IWANT website)

The solution is an icon-driven identity that conveys the vast options of products while delivering on the “clean” aspect of the food and experience. From the user interface of the website through the many touch points, ACanteen’s experience is calm, confident, and simple. Colors add intrigue at profound moments, while the underlying simplicity ties things together visually.

Designed by IWANT Design in London, UK

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