I meant to post this for Type Tuesday but Natalie beat me to the punch yesterday. I found this quaint little brand project on my Instagram feed, posted by Marc De Winne who is the creator of the dreamboat typeface used in the logo for Miracle Coffee. Miracle Coffee lives in TeiPei, Taiwan, and the branding, packaging, and interiors were done by Parable Studio in Singapore.

This branding makes me feel as if their coffee is descending from the heavens along with angel baristas. The Miracle typeface used for its logo reminds me a fluffy cool whip cloud. The variations of monochrome blue are so unique in a coffee shop and I love that they bring in the speckled from the counters and incorporate them on the packaging. Miracle Coffee looks like a spot where I’d go to do work and listen to harp music while the espresso machine whirrs away.