Penta Cafe Branding, Signage & Packaging Design by Pop & Pac

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Penta Cafe is a minimalists dream cafe, situated in Melbourne, Australia. Its palette is soft and monotone, reflecting the dark stone/concrete colors of the interiors on other brand touchpoints and juxtaposing them against a gentle, feminine pink. The main focal point of each piece is the texture, or the perceived texture in the case of some of their packaging materials. Waves and dots form abstract patterns that reveal profiles of human faces upon further inspection. These textures/patterns blend seamlessly into the signage, much of it using a grated material. I, unfortunately, couldn’t find much information as to why Pop & Pac went with this ultra-minimal look, so if you can shed some light on the thinking, please share!

Penta Cafe Branding, Signage & Packaging Design by Pop & Pac.


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