Creola is a Venezuelan craft beer, featuring a lovely interplay hand-drawn, hatched illustrations and bold, dynamic typography. The labels of the bottle are pretty muted in colors save for the identifying bright typography, adding a visual zip to the bottles that catches the viewers eye. The four-pack carrier follows similar principles, being mostly absent of colors except for the bright dividing wall in the center. I’m not super fond of the logo for this brewery; I don’t think it’s as strong as the labels, the illustrations or the other typography, and it doesn’t seem to be in the same style, almost as if it was made by another designer. But hey, I chose to feature this project for the labels, not for the logo. Designer Oscar Bastidas has this to say about the project.

In their presentations Mestizo, Mulato, Indio and Zambo, the main colonial caste that originated the mixture of our present race, Creola is a craft beer that combines harmoniously the “flavor” that characterizes Venezuela: Creole, which gives the beer typical of selected fresh ingredients like cocoa and coffee. And so it is positioned as the Venezuelan Brew made of the best mixes.

Creola Beer Illustration & Packaging by Oscar Bastidas.