Gatsby’s is a state of the art cocktail bar aboard the exclusive cruise ship, the MS Europa. Like the name and look suggest, they focus on cocktail classics, showcasing them with elaborate art deco inspired illustrations on the bar’s foyer windows. The heritage of each drink, including its ingredients and where it comes from, is also displayed, educating the guest on the history of these classic drinks but also suggesting Gatsby’s own wild journey across the world as seen through the lens of these drinks. The look is what you’d expect from something so themed; art deco ornamented typography with lots of gold and elaborate linework, but the fact that it’s on a cruise ship also influences some aspects of the design. A teal for the ocean and a curvaceous script hints at the shape of waves, bringing these two unrelated themes together in a way that works.

Gatsby’s Branding & Illustration by Studio Chapeaux.