Poco Loco is a Mexican restaurant located in Karlstad, Sweden that students of the Brobygrafiska, a Swedish school for aspiring graphic designers, decided to rebrand as a school project. Firstly, I’d like to applaud these students to their dedication in producing their project so well and realistically; I personally thought it was a real restaurant until I did a little more research. Their printing abilities and photo quality is on point.

Where to start with this brand? It’s apparent that the students took some low-cost printing methods into account when designing; everything can be printed one-color, black ink on yellow or pink paper to cut down on costs. The brand is far from minimal, though; a variety of Mexican-inspired illustrations add pizzazz to the packaging and website. I also appreciate, as a Spanish speaker, the accuracy of use of the language and punctuation, despite the designers being Swedish.

Poco Loco Branding, Packaging & Art Direction by Teddy Saxfors, Marie Stridh, Filip Sjöholm, and Erika Johansson.

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