Oficio is a meat-centric restaurant, a steakhouse of sorts. What makes it completely different from the steakhouse we featured yesterday, Mad Cow, is that the usual cliches (cows, cleavers, and the like) is completely missing in the brand execution. Sure, upon googling the restaurant some more you’ll see some interior decoration featuring some of those cliches, but as for this menu suite, it’s completely missing. The concept, instead, is ‘the business of eating’, thats at least how I’m interpreting it. And good food, as we know, is serious business. The type on the menu is presented in a straight-forward, no-nonsense, easy to digest (ha) manner. Each menu rests in a manila folder, additional sheets bound together with a paper clip, playing off this office-inspired theme. The seal looks like it could’ve been stamped on, and some menu items feature hand-scrawled notes in a red pen, like someone was editing the menu and adding their own notations to it.

Oficio Branding & Menu Design by Savvy Agency.