Pavan is a 16th century slow, processional dance common during the Renaissance. It is modeled after the way a peacock walks, and Pavan, a liqueur made from Muscat grapes and orange blossoms, takes visual inspiration from the bird. Made in the South of France, Pavan is supposed to feel like ‘the luxury of basking in the sun… the sea to the south and the vineyards to the west, peacocks roaming and the sweet aroma of paradise in the air.” The bottle is absolutely stunning and stands out on the shelf, with gradiated colored glasss intricate linework on the front. Like the stunning colors and display of a peacock, Pavan borrows these tropes to flamboyantly stand out among the competition, even borrrowing the shape of a peacock plume in its labels and tags.

Pavan Branding & Packaging by Werner Design Works.