Why it’s Time to Can the Restaurant Spokesperson

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Latching your brand to a celebrity or spokesperson is a tempting proposition. In theory it leaps a brand ahead in the authenticity game by having someone with unique qualifications who can vouch for a product’s claims. It’s an especially tempting tactic for brands who are looking to grow into bigger markets with larger footprints where their locality no longer carries clout. With all of the perceived power a spokesperson can wield, they come with just as much liability in tow, especially in the digital age.

Take the cases of Jared Fogle and John Schnatter. These two people very well may have been the most iconic restaurant spokespeople in the 21st century. If not the most iconic, they certainly were the most prevalent. Each rose to the top, and toppled like the end of a Jenga game when their true selves reared their ugliness. And right along with them were the brands they represent.

Read the rest of the article here, at QSR Magazine.

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