Sipsong Spirits is a series of small-batch spirits (say that five times fast) out of Northern California’s Sonoma County. Founder Tara Jasper’s hope with creating this spirit was that the consumer will slow down, hear their intuition/inner voice, or as she has deemed it, their ‘sipsong’. Noise 13 was tasked with creating a brand that bottled Jasper’s essence; fun, vibrant and feminine. This gin features a unique flavor profile, pulling inspiration from East Indian botanicals. Juniper, angelica root, orange, bay, lavender, pink peppercorn, kaffir lime, coriander, hibiscus and cumin to be exact. These warmer spices are referenced in the color palette; while most gins lean towards cool tones, referencing the pine and juniper notes in them, Sipsong is a bold turmeric-orange,  standing out the shelf and mirroring the unexpected flavor profile.

Sipsong Spirits Branding & Packaging by Noise13.