Small Brewpub Branding & Art Direction by Mast

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Small Brewpub was born out of a close-knit community of brewers, craftsmen, and food enthusiasts out of Dallas. Their marque pays homage to their Texan roots with its ornate wild west-inspired typography and also conveys their sense of humor with old-world circus visuals. What really makes the brand unique is their willingness to embrace the imperfections of hand-set typography in a way that speaks not only the founders’ passion for woodworking but also their attention to detail in all aspects of the establishment.

Their history, character, and style are further reinforced with an earthy, bold color palette that works well not only in small, monochromatic prints but also in various special finishes such as gold foil and embossed leather.

Small Brewpub Branding & Art Direction by Mast.

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