Focused on the concept that all people are a bit odd, Birdman is a casual, minimalist Izakaya (Japanese bar with small plates) with a bit of a strange twist. Thinking Room brought this concept to life using fun yet weird illustrations and hand-made elements that sharply contrasts the sleek and cool interior with some very humanizing visual cues for people to feel at home in their own skin. The use of eyes in the hand-drawn logotype is meant to symbolize the intimacy of eye contact during a good social interaction and to show that this place is raw and free of judgment for all.

One key thing this design really nails is the juxtaposition of humanity. How at first glance, the Japanese style bar/restaurant is sleek and business-like. But upon further inspection, there’s a lot of soul in the details that really bring the place to life. Kind of like people; we’re all business except when we’re not.

Birdman by Thinking Room.