Ok, so maybe we feature a lot of different speakeasy-inspired concepts here. And yeah, you’re probably tired of seeing the same tired tropes regarding the speakeasy format; art deco inspired, lots of gold foil, monoline geomtric illustrations, the works. Kultura is different.

Kultura (real name Култура but I’m referencing it as Kultura for discussions’ sake) is a Bulgarian speakeasy inspired by American Prohibition in the 20s and 30s. However, what makes Kultura different from these other hidden bars out there is the cult-like visual language and theme that works wonderfully with the secretive aspect of a speakeasy. Kultura is meant to be an oasis for its customers — a place where they can imbibe freely and openly, engage in some more hedonistic rituals, separate from the regimented outside world.

Kultura Branding, Illustration, and Print Design by Marka Collective.