Make&Take is a pizza shop in Bulgaria that allows customers to personalize their pie before they buy. The concept around the brand centers around the idea of each pie being each guest’s personal, signature recipe, and this is represented by the prominent use of what I’m calling the ‘blank space’. A marker-thick script is used only in this blank space, adding a personal, handmade feel to each touchpoint that features it. The practical use of this blank space on the pizza boxes allow each one to be personalized with the guest’s name, and in a big prominent place on the box too, spotlighting them and their experience. In ads, the blank space is used to single out a word in the headline, and the word usually relays ownership; you, yours and the like. A simple but smart concept, executed in a simple and smart way.

Make&Take Pizza Branding, Packaging & Interiors by FourPlus Studio.