If you’re a foodie or blogger of any sort, surely you’ve heard of how ‘bone broth’ is the hot new health food. Validity of that claim aside, we want to highlight the beautiful branding of Brodo, the little restaurant that started the trend. Each Brodo has a small storefront that doesn’t lack in warmth; it feels homey and comfortable, like their product, and features an interesting delivery system of their broths via a wall of taps behind the counter. Their brand predominantly features an inviting shade of orange and soft hand-drawn illustrations of common ingredients. Their wordmark too, a simple lowercase serif, works well with the other elements to signify the Brodo’s approach; simplicity, first and foremost.
Brodo Branding, Packaging and Art Direction by Kern + Lead.

Modern iPhone X and Macbook Pro Mockup Vol.3 by Anthony Boyd Graphics