The Welsh Pioneer Branding & Packaging Design by Hachetresele

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Argentinian Welsh Cake has an interesting history. It came about due to the ingenuity and perseverance of the Welsh immigrants who settled Patagonia in the late 1800s, creating this fruit-cake variant to survive the harsh wilderness. Today, Welsh Cake is seen as a cultural connection to the past for a group of Argentines that hail from Wales and is still served in tea houses that dot the Chubut Valley, where those Welsh immigrants eventually settled and created communities. The Welsh Pioneer hopes to capture that connection to the past and reinvigorate it with new life while spreading the history of this delicious traditional cake. The identity takes almost all of its visual queues from the flag of Wales, predominantly featuring green and white with touches of gold to add an air of sophistication. Hachetresele, too, developed a dragon mascot for the Welsh Pioneer, echoing the dragon on the Welsh flag.

The Welsh Pioneer Branding & Packaging Design by Hachetresele.

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