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Parcel 32 Branding & Art Direction by SDCO Pa...

Parcel 32 Branding & Art Direction by SDCO Partners

Located in a historic home in Charleston, SC, Parcel 32 capitalizes on the city’s rich background with a brand language that blends modern illustration styles with timeless typography to create an elegant dining experience rooted in history. By utilizing old city maps, railway ticket iconography, and smart monoline grids and illustrations, SDCO Partners glues together the past and present in a manner that connects to multiple generations without compromise. The copper foil and rich greens in their brand palette further elevate the dining experience by giving a not-so-subtle nod to luxury train cars of days past.

History, refined and updated. Parcel 32 Branding & Art Direction by SDCO Partners.

Chia-Yu is a senior designer with an illustration problem he tries not to confront or talk about at Vigor, a restaurant & beverage branding & marketing agency. His love of strange design quirks, sci-fi creature designs, exotic foods, Asian whiskeys, and dry humor makes him equal parts weird and surprisingly adept at navigating client requests. He writes here occasionally to please his boss(es).



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