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Common Grounds Creative Co-Op Packaging by Thinkin...

Common Grounds Creative Co-Op Packaging by Thinking Room

In order to introduce different perspectives and rethink “coffee shop culture,” Common Grounds Coffee worked together with Thinking Room to create interactive cups that complete/transform phrases to help the consumer to take a minute and appreciate the coffee itself vs using it as means to an end. These rotating coffee sleeves spin an otherwise negative phrase into something positive and these messages are further amplified with the use of bold typography, graphical censorship of the “toxic” phrase, and an isolated image to help convey the tone.

A brilliant conversation-starter. Common Grounds Creative Co-Op Packaging by Thinking Room.

Chia-Yu is a senior designer with an illustration problem he tries not to confront or talk about at Vigor, a restaurant & beverage branding & marketing agency. His love of strange design quirks, sci-fi creature designs, exotic foods, Asian whiskeys, and dry humor makes him equal parts weird and surprisingly adept at navigating client requests. He writes here occasionally to please his boss(es).



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