Casa Cook Chania Hospitality Interior Design by Annabell Kutucu

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On this blog, we don’t always write about food and beverage. Sure, it’s our lifeblood and what we’re most interested in, but sometimes you have to look for inspiration elsewhere. We’re playing with the idea of starting to also feature standout cases in the hospitality space, starting with this gorgeous interior design case for Casa Cook Chania. While not ‘branded’ in the sense that we traditionally showcase, this hotel experience definitely has a vibe and look to it that carries from the outside facade to the goods sold in the lobby gift shop. Earthy neutrals and rich natural textures dominate the space from floor to ceiling. The textures are displayed in large swathes, creating flat panels of neutral color and balancing the gratuitous use of said textures. The natural roughness of the material is further balanced by the use of modern patterning across rugs, paintings, and additional decoration.

Casa Cook Chania Hospitality Interior Design by Annabell Kutucu.

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