Il Preferito Italian Restaurant Menu Design by Taryn McKay

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Big, bold type pairs beautifully with soft, pastel paper tones at Il Preferito. There’s no confusion as to what part of the menu you’re looking at, as it’s blown up across the page’s margins and is set in a vibrant crimson. The titles don’t get to have all the fun; menu items, while listed cleanly, are grouped in an unorthodox way on a broken grid. Menu sections float across the page, with colored fields and other graphic devices guiding the guest’s eye around the page. Designer Taryn McKay uses a wide range of typefaces, all very different from one another. It doesn’t seem like it should work together, but it does, thanks to the very specific hierarchy at play. Each typeface and type-style has its role and sticks to it, creating clarity and establishing easy-to-read patterns once you sit with the menu for a moment. It’s a simple project and a beautiful exercise in what you can accomplish with just some typography and color.

Il Preferito Italian Restaurant Menu Design by Taryn McKay.


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