Lidyalı Atelier & Cafe Branding Gökçe Yiğit

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Lidyali is a cafe nearby Istambul’s famous Grand Bazaar. Deeply rooted in ancient history, this beautiful and lovely cafe is inspired by the Lydian period and especially by the hippocampus, a mythological creature believed to be half horse half fish. Another important inspiration was the use of gold and silver by the Lydians in their jewelry and ornaments that prevails even until today in many of the merchants’ products at the Grand Bazaar. With a minimal and abstract approach designer, Gökçe Yiğit created a visual identity that reflects elegance, simplicity with just the right amount of playfulness.

We love about this brand that it echos ancient history but it manages with few elements to make the brand feel relevant, whimsical, and refined.

Lidyalı Atelier & Cafe Branding Gökçe Yiğit


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