Hamburgueria Maneirista Branding by Mau Maria

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We know Portugal is famous for having some of the world’s best restaurants and incredible food everywhere you go. Well, Hamburgeria Manerista, which translates to ‘Manereista Burguer House’, is pretty much the Holy Grail of burgers. This burger concept borrows from the mannerist artistic movement ideas of perfection, elegance, and beauty, and juxtaposes it with contemporary pop culture elements; creating a kitschy and satirical brand. The whole visual identity heavily relies on the use of black and white collage of renaissance sculptures and art with images of burgers creating a very comical and amusing narrative throughout the different touchpoints. With a very limited color palette, using grayscales and gold, studio Mau Maria made this brand feel very robust elevating both conceptually and graphically what a burger restaurant can be. 

Hamburgueria Maneirista Branding by Mau Maria.

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