Fish & Pussycat Branding by Barmaleys Studio

Japanese Restaurant with Californian Sushi. That’s what Fish & Pussycat is all about, this restaurant located in Kyiv, Ukraine, is like nothing we’ve seen before in a sushi restaurant. Combining a Victorian-Style with modern Japanese graphic design, Barmaley’s created a very unique and beautiful brand. As creatives, I believe we all strive to create original, out of the box things, and to be able to merge to visual languages that are so different both in form and concept is quite an accomplishment. Japanese culture has always been known for its minimalistic design, simple forms, and narrowed color palettes. Victorian design on the opposite side is all about ornaments and decor. The way these two blends together in a perfect and quirky balance is magnificent, is like walking into a world where you don’t quite know what to expect yet everything that’s in there makes sense. This restaurant concept is one that definitely challenges us to keep thinking outside the box as creatives and keep working on towards making unique connections between, cultures, epochs, and visual languages.

Fish & Pussycat Branding by Barmaleys Studio.

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