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The Sandz Branding by Vogau Studio

One thing we love about subs is how universal they are and the wide variety you can find, you could find really fancy ones or really cheap and sketchy ones. If you are lucky enough you could always find a really nice in-between, a sandwich with quality and tasty ingredients that still feels urban, grungy, and authentic. That is exactly what The Sandz is, a sandwich joint inspired by the music, surf, and skate culture, you can’t get anymore grungy than that. Represented thoroughly by a selection of textures, layers, print, and handmade elements, this brand is the epidemy of urban burgers and sandwiches. Our favorite thing about The Sandz is the approachable and really cool vibe it gives, the folks from Vogau Studio, achieved something really hard in the brand identity world, to make a brand feel simple and chill when in reality there are so many layers of meaning, design, texture, photography, and genius art direction!

The Sandz Branding by Vogau Studio.

Maria is a designer, creative, and human currently working at Vigor where she creates amazing branding and marketing alongside her extraordinary team. After leaving her hometown Bogota, Colombia, she ventured herself to the humid lands of Atlanta, GA. Where she is growing professionally and personally. Being a type 4 on the enneagram she sees life and creativity as a way to catalyze the world's beauty and strives to create things that arouse emotions in people, or at least a giggle. In her free time, she loves being outside, creating collages, and indulging herself in art, design, and anything creative that enhances her romantic views of the world.


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