Zeppelin Station Food Hall Branding & Design by WunderWerks

Food halls have a problem – while eclectic branding seems charming, it also creates chaotic spaces in which loud signage competes for guests’ attention. Zeppelin Station faced the challenges of any food hall or train station – ensuring guests could easily navigate and engage in a setting filled with various vendors, bars and retailers. We went against the visual clutter traditionally associated with market halls and created a design system that was streamlined and interactive. The result is a cohesive space that helps guests navigate, explore, discover and enjoy no matter what part of their journey they are on.

When we were tasked with creating a next-generation food hall and train station along the RTD A Line we knew we wanted to approach the project differently. The space presented a number of challenges: nine vendors of varying backgrounds serving different foods, two bars and three retail concepts; all organized around a central kitchen with limited sight lines. We  needed to make sure that the space worked well for travelers, families and workers as a highly-functional public commons. At the end of the day, the project  was private funds funding a public amenity and had to be addressed as a civic space.

Zeppelin Station Food Hall Branding & Design by WunderWerks.

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