Cazcanes Promotional Content by Mocean

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We know how social media and marketing play a major role in the way consumers perceive and interact with a brand. That is why today we want to feature a marketing campaign for Cazcanes, tequila. Mocean is a studio known for the production projects they do for tv, film, and the entertainment industry. But it is not rare that brands would come up to these guys to ask for a brand film and that was the case with Cazcanes. But these folks not only created an extraordinary and heart moving film, but they also developed an extraordinary social media campaign. The campaign showcases the different products and exalts their uniqueness, and at the same time gives the audience an insight behind the production of this tequila and the exotic land where it is made. We love how thoroughly design each piece is and how everything feels on brand, relatable, and visually enticing.

Cazcanes Marketing Content and Brand Film by Mocean.


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