Cleverness is only considered cheating to the losers

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Good design isn’t about what’s “prettier” or what’s more appealing.  Sometimes design is tactical. Sometimes design is born of strategy rather than execution (graphic designers everywhere just rolled their eyes).

Take it from this kid who came up with a kick-ass strategy that satisfied a simple, practical problem with the most elegant and simple solution in the world. What might have been otherwise obvious to most hockey players, this kid contemplated how design played a role in his situation, then used that very principle to defeat a simple problem by the same means.

What's next—grass-colored uniforms for soccer players? Wood plank shorts for basketball?
What's next—grass-colored uniforms for soccer players? Wood plank shorts for basketball?

This kid’s answer is the kind that wells up a little kung-fu feeling in you when you realize how perfectly elegant the solution to the problem was–and that nobody TO DATE had found it.

Such as in business. Such as in marketing. If you subscribe to Occam’s Razor—the philosophy essentially that the simplest solution is usually the right one—you can appreciate the net-camo solution even more.

Point is: there are endless solutions dangling out there for brands to take advantage of and that will make them more competitive in their markets. It makes the case for what we’ve always known (and built a business on) that good thinking defeats big budget spends any day of the week. Sometimes the best solutions are nearly free.

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