Use Your Imagination and Let Them Use Theirs

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You have heard mantra-like quotes like “less is more” and “KISS, keep it simple, stupid.” You probably have even agreed with them. But when the time comes to review and approve a advertisement for your restaurant or other company, these tried and true guidelines are thrown out the window for a tome of information.

Think about the last time you actually read an advertisement.
Unless you are offering coupons the amount of copy, or text, that’s actually read is minimal. It’s usually limited to a headline and maybe a web address.

You’ve wasted time and money.
Using logic you thought, “i have their attention, let’s deliver all the goods.” During this process time and money have been wasted on crafting the perfect bullet points and the perfect text. Text that the viewer probably won’t even read.

Let them fill in the blanks
Minimal ads work because it leaves the viewer the task of imagining to fill in the blanks. They see the visuals and start to create their own stories. During their imagination session, desire starts to build. Need is fostered, then an indelible force takes over. They have sold themselves on the product or service without you having to lift a finger.

Use your imagination instead of your logic.
Drill down your message to one thing. One phrase. One feeling. Then, visually depict that meaning with a breathtaking image. Couple it with a headline that’s irresistible. Now you have a winning combination.

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