Aiding Mindlin’s March to Mayor

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Here at Vigor, we’ve never taken a stance politically with our work. It seems politics and religion are just way to touchy and subjective for our tastes. However, here in Harrisburg we have a real race going on for the Mayoral seat. An incumbent is on the way out the door, but not without a fight. Another candidate has contributed to the negative state of the city in more ways than we can count. We believe in change and therefore felt the need to not only speak up, but actively help out the campaign. So, we officially launched the website for Harrisburg’s mayoral candidate, Nevin Mindlin. This is our first political website and probably our last for a long time. We also have no plans to take on religion-based initiatives.

The site is run on our content management system, VIM. This gives the campaign full control over updating and adding new content so the site remains fresh and up to date. The campaign volunteers can update the blog, events listings and galleries at will in addition to the other static pages of the site. This is especially important as the November 3rd date rapidly approaches.

Good luck Nevin, we support you!


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  1. What happened with the line height on the list items in the footer? They are crashing together and can even be seen in the screen shots above. There are several items in the drop-down navigation that are also crashing preventing it from being easily used.

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