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Where do designers get their great ideas? All over the place. It could be a random daydream while riding in the car (like the one I had while designing the Jackie Blue Restaurant brand), or it could be through endless sketching and exploration (like I did for the Mark Garrison Salon brand). No matter where a designer’s get their great ideas, we all salivate and covet each others’ work. I’m no different and have my own list of websites I go to when I’m looking to quench my thirst for beautiful design. So, I decided to list them here for everyone to view.

Design Inspiration Blog // Website »

A design blog that posts amazing photography of all kinds of design from interior to photography and more.

Brand New Blog // Website »

A blog focused on corporate rebrands of a highly visible nature. // Website »

A repository for amazing logo designs.

Letterhead Love // Website »

Awesome portfolio of corporate stationery design. // Website »

Requires a subscription but you can at least see some featured logos from their multiple books. Some of which feature Vigor’s work.

These are only but a few. Enjoy!

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