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I launched Blabberbug back in mid 2009 with an ad-hoc idea of what it was and what it could be. Over the last two years, I watched it wax and wane. Mainly due to my own time constraints in conjunction with changes in geographic locale, the site held together but hasn’t grown beyond where it was at its peak. That’s what happens when you don’t market and don’t sell. However, it’s now 2011 and I’m looking forward.

What I learned from two years of beta is this:

  • People will send their friends coupons to get a better deal for themselves.
  • Merchants who use the system as a tool to increase effectiveness of their current couponing/email marketing see results
  • Pay-for-performance can be a scary idea and a hard one to explain
  • Merchants who aren’t currently marketing, probably won’t buy in
  • Restaurants want a media that does the work for them

Important lessons that not everyone knows or accepts, but fact is fact. With these facts in mind, we have struck off to lay a stronger foundation, while pushing the features of the system farther than before. Blabberbug is under development again, finally, and this time we’re pushing towards a true Version 1 launch.

So, what’s changing? What’s new? Let me tell ya!

  • Full charts and graphs for analytics
  • Campaign history & archiving
    You’ll be able to revisit past campaigns to see how they performed.
  • No budgets. No pay for performance. Just one low monthly fee based on desired features
  • Free 30 day trial for all new accounts
  • Menu uploads, customization features, and easier to use/understand blabberpad
  • Foursquare and Campaign Monitor tie-ins
  • Ad Agency accounts
    Manage your client’s campaigns all from one portal

And those are just the high-level elements. Blabberbug will be a true marketing tool to help boost the performance of your online coupon marketing. With our new development partner, Blabberbug will be better, stronger, faster. We have the technology!

Please, follow us on twitter and subscribe to the INVIGOR8 RSS feed to keep in the loop.

I’ll be posting updates as we hit milestones in development.

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