Square One Coffee Branding

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Have to tip my cap to some guys from back in Lancaster Pennsylvania, Infantree. They’ve done some great work and Square One Coffee is just one of the globally recognized projects. The identity is simple at its foundation, but blooms with custom illustrations depicting the roots of the roast in a vintage postage style design. The coffee packaging design is subdued enough to be earthy, but pops enough to get attention.

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2 Responses

  1. Ah! This new design is very cool! The Square One Coffee branding is very interesting as well. I love what Infantree has done. I wasn’t aware of them before (though I had heard of them in passing). Solid work. Nice hat-tip.

    1. Hey, thanks Josh! Yeah, I’m pretty impressed with Infantree’s work. This one in particular. The rebranding of the cafe wasn’t a drastic overhaul, but definitely an upgrade. Cheers!

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