What’s Choppin? Revival of the Tradesman

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Grain and Gram, an excellent site by the way, have posted 5 questions with Ben Runkle (Ben Runkle’s Company Site.) It’s a quick little intro to Ben and his excellent butchering skills.

Many traditional, once thought lost, crafts have been sprouting back up again. I think this is due to the “hipster” movement as it has become cool to take on traditional trades like butchering, hand crafting shoes and apparel, etc. Say what you will about “hipsters” it’s pretty damn cool to have assets like these come around again. I find that a lot of these new craftsmen (and women) are sprouting in what I call B-level or C-level cities–Cities that aren’t large enough to be a metropolis, but are cities nevertheless.

Another great part of this revival is that it’s timely. As gas pricing skyrockets, and folks turn their interest towards better produce and foods, tradesman are coming back into need. “Farm to table” restaurants and folks who no longer want to put hormones and other toxins into their, or their children’s mouths, seek out other means of food. These tradespeople are sprouting up as demand rises. Just think, you may not have to buy the store brand or Boar’s Head brand meats when you have the option of your local butcher down the road.

I recently was approached by a long time friend and chef to start work on his new concept. The concept? Nope, not necessarily a restaurant, a farm instead. Chef turned farmer. It seems the revival is here.

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