The problem with most pizza shops is getting the proprietors out of the “just do it and get it done” mindset that put them there in the first place. Most shops from where I’m from, (central Pennsylvania) are family-owned and have been for generations. Although the family ownership is a good thing for authenticity, you’ll easily notice that proprietors of these shops are there every day, and rarely get a break. That’s not good business and no one wants to be a slave to their business day in and day out.

One of the first steps to take in breaking the mold is breaking the mold visually with a brand that sheds the “mom and pop” feel and embraces a more put together machine. It’s point number one in building towards more locations and potentially franchising.

The good people at Concrete did just that with Pizza Nova. Their identity maintains a foundation in authentic and family Italian foods, appeases the owner’s usual want of having to list everything they sell, and yet creates a new look that’s fresh and very NOT “mom and pop.”