BK Kills Its King. Long Live the King.

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The healthy and fresh angle is trending hard right now and the latest to jump on board is Burger King. With this new angle and push, the King himself has been laid to rest. Yes, that creepy King guy is no more and my thoughts are: What a mistake.

The King had equity. He was recognized and understood. Burger King spent millions in ad dollars to push the “have it your way” and the “food for men” angles of their brand. Now, they’ve jumped back on the same trail as McDonald’s, Wendy’s and other chains who want a piece of the “healthy” action. The problem is, they aren’t healthy. Period. Nothing they can do can make their burgers and fried potatoes healthy for the consumer. So, what should they do?

The answer isn’t simple, but here are my suggestions.

1. Keep the King and invest in innovation. Think about new products that will make you the King of Burgers once again.

2. Embrace Truth. You’re fast food. It’s not healthy. It’s quick, convenient and affordable. Embrace it. Own it. Build products based on the truth of your offerings.

3. Keep it fun and keep building the brand you’ve worked on for the last 5-6 years. Fun, tongue-in-cheek, etc.

I’m not sure why they’ve chosen to stray. Maybe the bottomline isn’t looking to hot. Maybe their marketshare is failing. Maybe a new leader wants to make it his ship. I can understand the first two, but the latter is suicide. We’ll see how it plays out.

What do you think of the new ads?

Ps. Thanks to the guys at Matchstic for pointing this out. I actually didn’t even realize it was a BK ad until they did.


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