Antico Pizza Napoletana Pizza Shop Branding

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Shannon Hartmark, an Atlanta Georgia locale, designed up this great restaurant brand identity campaign for the pizza shop Antico Pizza Napoletana. The identity is great a meshing of traditional, expected Italian imagery with good use of typography throughout. The natural colors of the materials are allowed to “speak” and add to the vibe and feeling of natural, wholesome and just plain good. Here’s her description:

Designed for Retail Branding class at Portfolio Center. Antico Pizza Napoletana serves authentic “Pizza Tradizionale di Napoli” in Atlanta, Georgia. Making each pizza in the true artisan method, this requires a strict process and certain products only available in the Campania region of Southern Italy. The type and design is old Napoli inspired, keeping the feel of tradition and authentic atmosphere.

Thanks to The Die Line for the tip.

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