La Boqueria Restaurant & La Manade Deli Branding

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Brand Brothers designed this dual identity for a restaurant and delicatessen in Montreal. The typography really shines in these two identities, especially for the deli, La Manade. It’s simple enough to be readable and different enough to be engaging and intriguing. I like the use of only one color on top of black and white to make the color pop and give it life. I think the “B” mark in La Boqueria could have been done better, but you get the idea and it works.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi,
    We’re really glad you liked our branding on La Boqueria. We did many researches on the Basque culture to get a precise impression of what the logo should look like.
    Congrats on your blog and thanks again for this article.

    Brand Brothers

  2. The log is nice. Clean, legible, the single color definitely does pop…But how do you say the name of the restaurant? That’s my concern.

  3. Yeah, the pronunciation could be an issue. However, this is in Montreal where French meets English so I assume the latin-based foreign language may be easier to understand and say. Good stuff either way. Thanks for commenting!

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