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An Edgy, Yet Welcoming, Seafood House

Using the unique irony of a seafood and brunch restaurant named Jeffrey’s Grocery, STG54 created a smart brand for the restaurant in the West Village of New York. With influences from French cuisine design and nautical America, the designers were able to put forward brand collateral that ties all the influences into an image that anyone that’s been to New Orleans (and many that haven’t) would identify with immediately. It would also identify with those raised or vacationed around seafood houses in the northeast or southeast Atlantic coasts. The usage of the term “grocery” allowed STG54 to apply touches of old-fashioned, community grocery stores, where anyone in town could gain credit and pay for their groceries at the end of the month. The finished product gives Jeffrey’s Grocery rough edges with a soft core.


  1. Michael

    18 December

    I love the simplicity of this logo. It’s old fashioned but clean and modern at the same time. Seems a lot of businesses are headed in that direction with new branding.

  2. Daniel Cox

    19 December

    Agreed. The trend of taking old-fashioned elements and giving them new life is a good one!

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