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Vegan Gelato Branding

The logo for California-based Millie’s Gelato was created by Bex Brands and the first thing they wanted to convey with it was that “vegan” isn’t a bad word for the casual eater. “Make some gelato and slap ‘vegan’ on it” may be the mission of some brands, but Millie’s is a little different. First, the gelato is handmade and second it includes only raw foods, another buzz word that some are scared off by. The challenge for Bex was to give the brand an image through its logo that is welcoming and comfortable, suitable for ice cream, but challenging for raw vegan gelato. The vibrant colors honor the excitement of the snack and the flowing look of the logo expresses the gelato itself. Finally the added touch of the leaf above the “e” signals the healthy aspects of the treat. It’s understated but it works.




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