Food Truck, Filipino Style

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We usually feature real-life restaurants and concepts here, but today we’ll take a look at a concept that is purely fictional–for now. This is Carabao, a food truck that serves traditional Filipino food, with the requisite modern twist. The notable thing for Matthew Guiliari‘s design here is that he recognizes that a food truck concept alone doesn’t need a ton of collateral. He’s done a nice job of focusing on a few smart items that display the Carabao brand. Of course the logo has an image of a food truck and it’s simple enough, but I love the added touch of horns on the top. It gives the food truck a little attitude and Guiliari wanted there to be a hip, street style to the brand and that’s a nice touch to accomplish that. The rest of the branding mixes a nice modern style with bright colors and a little bit of wit to give the concept some curves. This is a winning idea and Guiliari has done a nice job imagining this. I wouldn’t be surprised to see such a branded truck somewhere in the future.


















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