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Bakeries, especially those that specialize in the delicious art of cupcakes, can afford to be sweet. By “sweet” I mean more of the “cute, friendly and kind” variety, rather than the “that’s a sweet beard, bro” variety. Sweet can come in many forms, but the ones that designer Kayd Roy gave Minnesota bakery shop Oven Lovin’ Sweets are particularly tender. The baking-scene photography is well done and they deliver the necessary feminine touch and handmade implications. The palate is soft and homey and the use of the whisk as part of the logo is kind of brilliant. The name says most of what the brand is, but the added whisk removes all doubt and it also gives depth to whatever the logo is applied to. The gaps in the whisk work well with the space created by the words in the logo. Other icons like an oven mitt and roller accompany some of the collateral as well and the whole brand emerges as a sweet, loving and open shop full of savory deliciousness.













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