Renoire is a concept created by Brandberry for a coffee shop based on the color black. It’s an interesting branding proposal for a shop, using the color black as the basis for all the branding created. The name is a creation, spinning off the word “noir” and all things black. Black and white is the color scheme obviously and the imagery used has a heavy French slant. There’s a lot of tension here and it dates back to the film noir movie style and the drama of crime and the subsequent solving of such dramatic crimes. The branding is a departure from a lot of coffee shop branding, focusing on moods and unconventional imagery to create a coffee shop with an edge. I really like what Brandberry has done with this concept. Coffee shops have a little latitude in what they can do branding wise and I like how the branding of Renoire takes some chances. It’s an intriguing design and it captures the essence of a coffee shop doling out coffee after dark.


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