Tapioca Shakes’ Youthful Branding Approach

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Bubble tea is one of those things that has caught on in popularity in recent years. It’s popular among young consumers and though it was once considered a culture-specific beverage, that’s no longer the case. Bubble tea shops are popping up all around and Tapioca Shakes is one located in Colombia. Tapioca Shakes’ branding was directed by Masif and the objective was clearly to keep the brand light, colorful and vibrant. Bubbles are also, understandably, a big part of the presentation. The brand is offering a new-ish product, but they’re not breaking any new ground with their design. What they do, however, is provide the brand with a youthful appearance and vibe through the use of the bright colors and engaging typography. Tapioca Shakes’ product isn’t a necessity and it really isn’t a way of life like coffee, so it needs to present other reasons to draw in customers. The color scheme and the brightness draws in potential and it’s clear the shop is serving up something fun. Sometimes that’s all you need, especially in mall settings.










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