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Dublin, Ireland’s Hatch & Sons is all about some Irish heritage. They love them some Irish tradition. It’s a simple restaurant that serves Irish fare, but the story behind the branding is pretty clever and unique and it maintains that link to all things Irish. The direction of this place is inspired by the history of a nearby dairy many, many years ago. Even the restaurant’s name is derived from the dairy, but I love how Trevor Finnegan really used the inspiration of the dairy to complete the entire branding of the restaurant. Using the oral history of relatives of the dairy as well as old images and anything else they could find, they devised a brand that is distinctly vintage without being overly pretentious about it. I love how old invoices were reimagined into the menus. What’s special about this place and the branding is that it feels honest and authentic. Instead of designing up elements that appear vintage or inspire a vintage feel, they let the history of the place guide their decisions. The result is a credible and pure representation of Irish history.





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